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Stacey Munson Dressage
Life on the Yard

I run my yard to the very highest standards with the daily routine remaining the same, ensuring the horses are happy and relaxed in their environment.

The day starts with feeding time at 7am, all horses are fed and left to eat in peace while my team get ready to start the day. The horses then have haylage and some horses are turned out. Mucking out, changing rugs and tidying the yard is complete by 8.30am. At the same time that they are mucked out, all horses are checked for injuries or any distress.

I start riding at 8.30am and generally spend the rest of the morning riding, then teach through the afternoon. 

Emma is also training some of the horses while I am riding. She is a super rider and rides all of the horses on the yard, including my Grand Prix horse Showbiz.

Emma has a particular interest in young green horses and is my ‘test pilot’ for all the young horses.Whilst I ride, my team are busy tacking up, washing, tack cleaning and changing horses in the fields.

Stacey Munson Dressage

12.30pm is lunch time for the horses. They all have haylage and some have hard feed. (depending on their work program). They are skipped out and then left to relax while the girls take their lunch. It is important that the horses all have plenty of time to relax, especially around feeding times. Other jobs in the afternoon include grooming and massaging horses, and any trimming and tidying they require.

Stacey Munson Dressage

At 4.15pm we begin to finish up for the day. Horses are rugged up, bandages put on and then skipped out.

Haylage is given and then feeding is at 5pm.

Once they are fed, I use this time to plan my riding and training for the next day, and finally check the horses are all happy and healthy before leaving the yard (hopefully before 6pm).

The horses daily workout changes to keep them fresh and energised. Hacking, lunging and pole work takes place each week and of course each horse has a rest day where they can relax and play in the fields. Rest days do vary depending on the horse's competition plan and when owners are coming in for lessons. When turnout is not available due to weather conditions, all horses go on the walker and can also have a ‘buck around’  in our small indoor arena.

Weekends are mostly spent teaching as the clients all visit for lessons. When I am away at competitions the horses are all still worked by Emma so their routine is not affected.

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Stacey Munson Dressage
Stacey Munson Dressage
Stacey Munson DressageStacey's care of our horses has been first-rate from day one and they continue to look and perform better than ever. She is also a fantastic and committed trainer who will help you to achieve and exceed your goals, whatever your level of experience in dressageStacey Munson Dressage

Sarah & Neil Brener (Co Producer of War Horse)

Stacey Munson DressageWhen I was looking into choosing a trainer for my two young horses. I was delighted to be able to send my horses to Stacey. Young horses have particular needs and are very sensitive. Over the years having used different trainers, I know that what they say and what they will do is frequently less than what is promised. I knew that my horses would receive not only the best riding and training with Stacey, but the special care that I want them to receive when they are away from home. It is wonderful to not worry about your horses, when they are away in training. Stacey Munson Dressage

Pat Marlin (Owner: Holme Park E2 & Holme Park Kalief)

Stacey Munson DressageMy horse and I trained with Stacey for about 6 months before moving to her yard and she has worked wonders with him and me! My horse's temperament is balanced, in fact I have never seem him so happy and settled and enjoying his work and he gets better by the day. My riding has improved massively and I find Stacey's coaching technique and advice second to none. My horse was probably one of the quirkiest and challenging around, but you wouldn't know it to see him now. I would not hesitate to recommend Stacey or her yard to anyone, the happy horses speak for themselves. The yard is always spotless, the horses coats gleam and even the most demanding horse owners (me being one of them!) could not fail to be impressed. Stacey Munson Dressage

Cara Cheeseman (Film & Television 3D Consultant)

Stacey Munson Dressage

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